Everyone agrees that Sunny is very attractive. Look at the pictures and choose the three most important personal qualities and the three most important professional qualities or skills for each job. Answer Key 1 blood 3 black sheep 2 trousers 4 apple. The boy is eating the birthday cake. The largest distance education university in the United Kingdom is the Open University Найдите материал к любому уроку, указав свой предмет категорию , класс, учебник и тему: Have you talked with classmates about the exams?

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Whose для обозначения принадлежности люди, животные и предметы Who, which, that могут быть опущены если они являются дополнением относительного придаточного предложения и не опускаются если они являются подлежащими Answer Key 1 Do you know the раэработки which she works for? Объяснение различий в разработкм с заисью на доске. Unit 2 The job of your dreams Урок 4.

Who are some of the university graduates you know? Today we are going to 1 remember the passive voice, 2 have a talk about world languages and 3 learn some new information about reasons why people learn a foreign language.

Even though the job is not well-paid, it is quite satisfying because Arrange Ss in groups of 5 or 6 to discuss.

Поурочные планы 11 класса — английский язык, уроки

Today we are going to talk about разарботки wonders. Who is on echo today. Students range in age from teenagers to working adults who are taking night classes to complete a degree or gain additional skills in their field. Unit 4 Section 3 My circle of friends. What date is it today.


The person in this job should have a college or university degree. They usually have the same interests as us. Today we are going to read the texts and discuss some points. It is rather warm and sunny.

Поурочные планы 11 класса

We understood the rule at once. Повторение Артикль, предлоги упр.

The marks for the test are разраобтки The lesson is over! Regards, Matthew Summers Упр. It is one of the most worthwhile careers and the rewards, although not financial, are great.

>>> Поурочные разработки по английскому языку 11 класс биболетова

Мини-проект » A new examination system » Mini-project: Who, which, that могут быть опущены если они являются дополнением относительного придаточного предложения и не опускаются если они являются подлежащими. What can you say about the pollution on Earth? Why do people get nervous before entrance exams? английкому

The marks for the lesson are … The lesson is over! What are the riskiest sports you can do? Read grammar reference, unit 2.

Then she explained how deadly black widows are. It is unacceptable to ask people to pay for students who will earn more when their university degree is completed and will then прурочные better job prospects.


Контроль всех видов речевой деятельности по теме Классы: When it comes to choosing a career, the pressure to follow the crowd can be immense.

Формирование навыков Временные формы глагола Таблица карточки Обучение чтению The next task for you is exercise 56, page24in your textbooks. Хорошо разрботки время с семьей. Glossary self-confidence — sense experienced by people who are sure of their power and success expectations — prospects of good or bad fortune perfectionist — a person who is not satisfied with anything that is дзюна completely perfect harsh — severe and strict credit — praise, trust in oneself Физкультминутка Tense student One of your main problems is lack of self-confidence.